Shine with your image

I'm Vincent Dote, the studio manager at our Salt Lake City studio. I've been working in photography since 2019, capturing images in a style that mirrors his. If you're interested in scheduling a session with me, you can complete the form and make the session fee payment to secure your appointment.

Any additional fees will be settled on the day of our session. Throughout our photo session, we'll review the images together to ensure they align seamlessly with your personal brand.

This approach allows us to focus on delivering only the highest quality images, and any photos that don't meet our standards will be deleted.

At the end of our session, you'll have the opportunity to select the final images you'd like to purchase from the curated collection.

The cost for each selected image is $50, which includes unlimited licensing for personal use and professional retouching tailored to my specifications.



Book your session

Session fee $200
Price per image $50
Includes retouching
Woman makeup $150
Optional but highly recommended


We schedule an appointment and get in touch to define the style, clothes, makeup and all the details for that day. We shot the session and you will choose which photos you want to buy to send them to the editing process and subsequent delivery in digital format.


You can expect to have the results in 5 labor days once the session is done.

Some important information

Headshots vs Portraits

Headshots focus on capturing close-up images from the chest up, emphasizing coaching for your best expression. We pride ourselves on guiding you throughout the process, providing varied background colors and clothing changes. Our specific headshot lighting aims to make you look your best.

In portrait sessions, we get creative, offering a mix of headshots and portraits with diverse backgrounds, lighting, and camera proximity. This results in a broader range of pictures, ideal for personal branding purposes.

About the session

We will be capturing and reviewing the images together as we go. Inspecting the shots in this way helps us to determine their viability for your use. In doing so, we will be able to adjust the focus of the session to account for anything we feel you could additionally benefit from along the way.

Purchashing images

After the shooting, we meticulously review each retained shot individually. We discard obvious shots that won't be needed and focus on the ones you'll ultimately keep.

Throughout this process, we provide guidance on expressions and discuss retouching possibilities, ensuring a diverse selection. By the end, you'll decide on the images to purchase, which will be sent to a retoucher and delivered within a week.

Sessions are available Monday to Saturday, typically starting around 10 am, with flexibility in scheduling.

Full payment of the session fee is required to secure a spot, and bookings can be made online. We accept various payment methods, including major credit cards, cash, Paypal/Venmo, Zelle by contacting us directly.

Once the session fee is paid, you'll only be responsible for the images you decide to purchase on the day of the shoot, as well as any additional services like hair and makeup if you've hired our stylist.

We're open to adjusting schedules based on your needs and, in some cases, may accommodate weekend appointments.

Any other payments (image purchases, proofing galleries, hair/makeup) can be settled on the day of the shoot. We recommend avoiding scheduling important commitments immediately after the shoot in case we need a little extra time with you.

Clothing and Make up

Clients are encouraged to bring a variety of clothing options to the photo session, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. Different cuts, colors, and necklines are suggested, with specific recommendations for corporate clients, such as varied jacket/shirt/tie combos for men and blouse/dress/jacket combos for women.

Minimal jewelry is recommended, and for those with glasses, bringing multiple pairs is appreciated to address glare. Layers are welcomed, ranging from t-shirts to sweaters, and clients are encouraged to have fun with their wardrobe. If something is in doubt, it's recommended to bring it along.

For women, makeup is not required but highly recommended, with the cost listed above.
The makeup is tailored to the studio lighting, starting with a natural look and offering touch-ups and subtle changes during the shoot.

Hair should be ready upon arrival, with the makeup artist available for final touches.

Men are not recommended to wear makeup, but light grooming for skin and hair is available upon request, with pricing discussed beforehand.

Facial hair is welcome, and clients can come in with their preferred level of growth, with the option to shave or trim during the session.

Additional charges may apply for specific grooming requests, such as straightening curly hair. All details regarding hair and grooming should be discussed prior to the session to ensure clarity and alignment.
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